February 1st, 2011

Baby Cheetah

Despite the fact that I’m pretty sure I’m Pinko Commie Liberal Hippie these days…

…I’m not a total idiot.

Yes, I have shifted a bit left in my outlook over the last 20 some odd years, but I also really had nowhere to go on the right side of things given where I started.  I’d actually put myself pretty smack in middle of the center, but there seems to not be much in the way of the middle ground right now.  My ownership of tie-dyes and Tevas seems to have thrown me over the edge.  (And resulted in some incorrect assumptions of lesbianism, but that’s another post.)

That all being said and out of the way…

I realize that Mubarak continuing to be in power in Egypt is a good thing for the United States – not just because he is an ally, but for no other reason that “the devil you know”…  I really do understand that.

Yes, there is probably a decent percentage of Egyptians that are totally OK with him continuing to be in power.  I understand that as well.  (I say probably because I don’t have any polling figures, and I have to assume that not everyone hates him.)  That being said, I don’t think there is a bogeyman behind every door should he either step down or be voted out of office.  Yes, there *could* be, but just because something could happen doesn’t mean it *will* happen.

However, given that there are people of all ages* out there risking everything to make their voices heard – I’d say there are some real grievances that need to be addressed, and quickly.  Yes, a lot of the issues are economic in nature, and those can’t be fixed by any one person, but part of the price of being the guy in charge is that you get the blame along with the accolades.  (Had the US economy been going great guns in 2008, I think the Republicans would have had a better chance at staying in the White House.)

I know my life is nothing like that in other countries.  But being a big sentimental pile of mush – I’d like for people to be able to wake up wherever they are and even if they don’t *like* their government, they feel they can say so, do so safely, be heard, and see change as a result.

But what the hell do I know.

*For all I’ve heard of the protests being “youth oriented”, I’ve seen a LOT of people over 30 out there.

Originally posted at CafeChatNoir.net.