She shoots, SHE SCORES!! (pisceandreamer) wrote,
She shoots, SHE SCORES!!


New laptop!  Probably a good 3x as fast as my old one, at half the price.  Mind you, this wasn’t on my list of things to do today.

My timing is just so impeccable.  The old laptop died today.  2 papers and an exam to write in the next two weeks and it can’t boot up.  Couldn’t have happened on the 15th when time would have been a luxury to figure out if it was the drive, the motherboard, or simply jammed with cat hair.

So, this evening is security patching, installing software and restoring backed up files (yay, Mozy!  Last backup 20 hours ago.  Gotta love it.)

Really old laptop – you couldn’t hold out for 2 more weeks?

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