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Incompetence – It does not make you a winner…

So, last week I got a call that a care conference was on for my grandmother – Sharyn had a couple issues she wanted to make sure were addressed.  Nothing earth shattering and frankly, I’m just happy my grandmother is no longer calling me at 3AM so I’m more “Eh, if she hasn’t broken another bone, we’re good.”  (Note to all: You really, REALLY should be good to your kids and grandkids.  They will be choosing your nursing home, and may or may not be checking up on you.)

Called back, confirmed time, spoke with woman who coordinates it to make sure she had my phone number and understood that though Sharyn would be there, they would have to call me because I am 2,000 miles away.

“And who are you again?”
“I’m the one with the MEDICAL POWER OF ATTORNEY.”
“Oh, OK.”

So, I take myself out of the lineup today so I can be here to take the call and pretend like I’m terribly interested in this.  (Even though I’m not super interested in the details, I *do* need to know what’s going on.  Even though I get tons of info from Sharyn, I want to hear exactly how they react when she says she sees something she doesn’t like.)

Well, 2PM comes and goes.  45 minutes later Sharyn calls, says it went fine.  Um, what?  She didn’t realize I had told them to call me.  So I’m furious at the idiots at the care center, she feels bad (told her sure as hell wasn’t her fault) and I’m ready to punch someone.  I decided to cool off a bit before calling the care center and asking exactly what type of brain damage they are suffering from that they didn’t understand “here is my phone number, call me for the conference” means CALL ME FOR THE DAMN CONFERENCE.

I called, and I still couldn’t tell you what on earth that woman was thinking, other than she apparently wasn’t.  But they have very firm instructions that I am to be included on any other calls, dammit.

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