She shoots, SHE SCORES!! (pisceandreamer) wrote,
She shoots, SHE SCORES!!

So, seems we’ve got ourselves a Rapture coming up…

First, no one seems to be able to tell me if it’s going to happen on Zulu time or rolling with the time zones.  5 hours important when you’re kicking off the end of the world.

I’ve RSVP’d as a “Maybe” to the Post-Rapture Looting event over on Facebook.  Cause, what if they’re wrong?  Not that it won’t happen, but what if all the folks who have just tried to be decent tolerant people and who didn’t run around telling people they were going to hell because they were of the “wrong” religion were the ones that got swept up?  You know, all of us that are supposedly going to get left for the locusts.  If that’s the case, then there is going to be one hell of a party upstairs and our pets will all be there with us, thankyouverymuch.  (Seriously, WTF, no pets allowed?  I don’t think so.)

So, I would find that pretty funny.

Now, if they’re right and I’m down here madly brushing up on my Zombie Apocalypse skills, at least I can stop dealing with people knocking on my door trying to share their religion with me.  (The religion sharing doesn’t bother me so much as the knocking on my door in the first place.  But then again, I’m a bit of a hermit.)

Now if nothing happens, then, well, we’ll just have to wait for 2012.

On the other hand, if my grandmother gets swept up, then there are going to be a lot of questions on ALL sides of the arguments. ;)

ETA: On the very off chance that someone who does hold faith in the Rapture is reading this and is horrifically offended by it…  I don’t say these things to offend.  I say these things because it’s what I feel about the whole thing.  What little faith I have carries me through these things.  I hope yours can do the same for you.

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