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She shoots, SHE SCORES!!

Accentuate the positive

And all that happy horseshit as my mother would say.  I’m trying to fight my way through this head-cold induced mental fog and look on the bright side for this trip to PHX.

– Unlike last August, this is a pre-planned trip, which is much better than the alternative.

– The weather will be sunny and in the 80s.

– It is a short trip with no holidays involved, which makes packing a matter of just tossing some wearable crap in a bag and that’s it.

– It is a short trip, period.  Less time for us to get on each others nerves.

– The hotel is wonderful and has an absolutely killer breakfast.

– There are several really good places to eat right next to the hotel.  (Kabuki and Yard House are on the must list.)

– If history is any indicator, the Detroit Red Wings will be staying at my hotel.

– No one expects me to sit around at the care center all day and watch my grandmother take naps.  (If she could juggle in her sleep or something, it might be different, but she can’t, so…)  This is a pleasant contrast to being expected to sit at her condo all day and watch her take naps.

– I will get the mail situation locked down once and for all via a UPS store, as USPS hasn’t exactly been up to the task with forwarding since everything went to hell in a handbasket.   (Mail to the care center is a no-go, and I still need her to have a local address, cause I am not going through the potential confusion of having tax documents print out thinking she lives in Virginia.)

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